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What I can do to help your people find you.

Written content that connects you with your people...

At its core, copywriting is here to help connect people with the businesses and organisations they need. This is why honest, transparent communication will always be the way forward.


At Writing the Future, I'm here to produce the type of copy that will help your people find you. And who are you? No matter how big or small, I work with the people and organisations working to make a difference in the world. Whether you're a non-profit fighting for people or the environment, a brand changing your industry one sale at a time,​ or a business transforming the ways we can live and work in the world, I want to help you achieve that goal. 

The process in practice

At Writing the Future, I'm all about working together: with you, with others and with the rest of the world, because that's the only way to enact real change. But, I understand that you're busy doing your own important things, so whether you want to be involved in every decision, or you want me to take the reins, I've got your back. From initial contact to future good-byes, here's how I'll approach your project:

  1. Initial contact - here's where you share what you need from me, and I'll tell you whether I can provide it.

  2. Meet and greet - time to get to know each other, refine your goals and build an action plan. Zoom will be our best friend here.

  3. Time for a quote - after our meeting, I'll send you an itemised quote sheet for everything we've agreed on and a (very) short survey for some additional details and permissions.

  4. Confirmation - you fill out the survey, confirm the quote and give me the go-ahead.

  5. On the move - time for me to get started! I'll work on your project and make sure it's back to you within the agreed timeframe.

  6. Review - I'll send through my work for your review, with time to spare for any adjustments.

  7. Finalisation - the work will be sent through in its final form, all ready for you to use as you please.

  8. Invoicing - we all hate this part but I can't be around without it, so next comes my itemised invoice with 14 days for payment.

  9. Move forward or move out - now we can (ideally) move forward to your next project or, if you need nothing else from me, I'll get out of your hair.

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